Due to the heavy competition in the world. The peoples are searching the good Buisness. There are lot of opportunities  on online as well as in offline. I can prefer Offset Printing is one of the best option for them. If you take some training in this field we can easily make moneys. The Interest, Dedication, Commitment, is one of the main tool to get sucess. As per the customer need we have to plan, execute and deliver on time which will keep us in buisness. OFFSET "YOUR ARE FOR ME".

Offset In Corrugated Boxes

The corrugated boxes are widely used for packing the products and transfer form one place to other.The Corrugated Boxes which is made of Kraft Papers, and it is used in the field of Packaging. The krafts are made up of mostly in recycled papers. The kraft has good strength to withstand the loads. The gsm and Burst factor is the criteria for measuring the quality. The offset printing and Flexo printing are mostly used in this packaging field.
To bring good images on the product on the top board the duplex boards will be used and printed in offset and it will be pasted up.
The corrugated reels will be loaded and converted into 2plys to maximum capacity of the corrugation machine. The offset printed sheets will be pasted and kept for drying. Then the additional plies will be added and go to the next process. Then the board will be punched in the punching machine and side pasting or pinning will be done. Then the quality will be checked and despatched.

Digital Label press at Ipex

Maiden Digital label press at Ipex :

Epson's piezo ink-jet technology, the 6 color machine has variable web width, altough screen is remaining tight-lipped about further data. It can print onto a range of substrates that include semi-gloss, film and stock label in thickness upto 320 microns.

Customer is King

It is true that the customer is king. So it stands to reason that treating customers like royalty could be the key to winning and keeping business.

The cost of implementing a CRM (customer relationship management) system is worth the price when you consider the benefits that can be reaped.
Barney cox

Ipex 2010

Perfect Place

An unique oppurtunity

IPEX - 2010 18-25 May 2010 NEC Birmingham, UK

Digital in California

Cambridge to have a Digital Exhibition next month. Duplo International will going to contact this exhibition. The following companies are going to exhibit their machines. Xerox 700, Duplo Digital system 2000 Booklet maker,  the DC-615 pro Multi finishier and DC-445 DU Creaser. Digital Specialists Print-on-Demand Solutions Group and E-Commerce supplier Red Tie also will be present.

Peter Jolly from Duplo marketing said, The printers are realised that finished product is worth pounds rather than a unfinished printed sheets.The last two shows in London and Warrington exceeded the expectations. The interest in the Digital finishing solutions  is increased. The request is more on end-to-end solutions.

Advantage in Digital

Now the digital printing in India take a new dimension. Before that people goes to the printer and spend heavy money to see a sample print. If the sample print not satisfied, again the whole process will repeat again. But after the entry of the digital print the proofing made no cost. So multi colour printouts made the digital printing made available nook and corner in the cities. Now it take a new dimension the Digital printers added the post press operations also in their In-House. So Every thing under one roof is made possible.


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